Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt “Idyll”

Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt “Idyll”

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Klimt’s paintings are deeply symbolic - they are difficult to read at a glance, they need to be thought over, estimated, hypothesized and rejected. And the most exciting thing about them is that there is no single clue that will suit everyone. Everyone is free to interpret them as he pleases, depending on their worldview and outlook on life. After all, everyone has different priorities and a different way of perceiving reality.

So "Idyll" can hardly seem to someone truly idyllic. In the center of the picture is a mother caressing children - a sweet, chaste, pleasant look. Life, eternal rebirth and continuity, happiness, peace and joy of motherhood triumphs in it.

The woman is gentle, the children curiously curl their heads to her. But around this sweet scene is alarm and twilight. This is shown even in the selected palette and brightness of colors - in the center of the picture they are warm, splash with colors and create an extremely pleasant impression. On the edges, on the contrary, the colors are muted, faded, dark tones prevail.

Two young men look at the mother with the children expectantly and sadly. It is as if they are expecting that now everything will break, fly to hell and stay there. At the same time, they are sitting on stones resembling tombstones, and the flowers in which the middle circle of the painting rests are similar to the bouquets that are brought to the graves in memory of the dead. And then everyone is free to interpret as he wants.

One will see death, which forever waits, when life will give in to it and will allow it to take away the mother, and the children, and the flowers laid on their tombstones. Someone outside the family is just dust and a lack of life and meaning. Someone does not even think about such high matters and just be touched by the way children play with their mother.

This is exactly what the creator wanted - for different people to interpret in their own way, and for something different for everyone in his picture.

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