Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov “Sunset over the swamp”

Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov “Sunset over the swamp”

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The painting was created in 1871.

Savrasov was formed as an artist at a time when landscape as a genre was only just becoming in Russian painting. The Wanderers were pioneers. And to become them was very difficult.

In the early landscapes of the painter, the landscapes are still filled with the incredible spirit of romanticism. Although already at this time you can feel in him a true realist.

We see in the picture those features that were inherent in the landscapes of Central Russia. This is felt not only in the type of terrain itself, but also in the special charm of the vast plains.

Since the 60s, Savrasov has been forming as a realist. He already clearly represents. What tasks and methods should be in such landscapes. In 1862, the painter saw English landscapes that made an incredible impression on him.

Before us is an ordinary swamp, of which there are a lot of in the middle zone of our country. It would seem that the picture is completely ordinary. But with all this, the artist fills her with a completely new sound. Sunset in a special way highlights every detail. The viewer sees an incredibly grandiose picture in which many shades are connected. The prevailing dark shades do not create an oppressive impression. We clearly feel that a thunderstorm will begin very soon.

Pink reflections portend a strong wind, but for now they become bright spots of the picture, which enliven it somewhat. Savrasov was able to feel the incredible power of a simple picture of nature, which is incredibly strong in its special charm.

It would seem that everyday ordinary landscapes begin to sound completely different; one just has to look at them from a certain angle and notice something solemn in every unimportant one.

At first glance, the details. The artist does not just contemplate a picture of nature, he conveys his own mood and puts his special vision into the landscape.

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