Description of the painting by Alexei Korzukhin "Peasant girls in the forest"

Description of the painting by Alexei Korzukhin

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The painting was painted in oil on canvas in 1877.

The canvas is written by artists on a previously developed plot.

Korzukhin gravitated to painting landscapes.

The girls' eyes are filled with drama, something scared them in the thicket. Who knows why they got into this broad-leaved forest. Perhaps they just walked, went for berries or flowers.

In the hands of the girls a basket. But all of a sudden their gaze went somewhere far away, where something happened that made them afraid and snuggle up to each other. Perhaps there, in the distance, they heard the howling of wolves or the roar of a bear.

The wealth of the Russian forest makes it possible to draw various plots in the imagination. On their faces you can see not only fear, but also children's curiosity. On the canvas, we can clearly understand the skill of the artist Korzukhin. What is happening is filled with black and white effects that cause excitement and concern for the poor peasant girls. Peering deep into the forest, you are afraid of its dark thicket.

The excitement is amplified by the effect of light that falls on a tree. Its trunk is powerful, which speaks of its centuries-old history. Such forests are characteristic of our country and are the pride of the people. By the simple attire of the girls and their bare feet we can see how ordinary peasants lived in past centuries. The girls' heads are covered with colored scarves, they also wear sundresses, they were worn by all Russian women.

About the canvas Korzukhina “Peasant Girls in the Forest” they said that the entire background of the forest was made by the artist Shishkin, everyone claimed this, but a detailed study of the painting showed that there were no strokes characteristic of Shishkin’s hand, talking about his authorship. Which once again emphasizes the great skill of the artist.

Landscapes Korzukhin is a great heritage of our country. His canvases provide an opportunity to see not only the beauty and power of Russian nature, but also the life of people of that time.

The painting is in storage at the Perm State Gallery.

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