Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “Olive Grove”

Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “Olive Grove”

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The picture was painted in oil on canvas in 1889 a year before the death of the artist.

It was created during a stay in San Remy. For the second century, Van Gogh’s paintings amaze everyone who sees them. They carry the world of dreams and the world of the present. The olive grove is one of a series of paintings where the artist paints lush, sprawling gardens.

Van Gogh loved to draw olive trees and cypresses. They were one of the places of his inspiration for Van Gogh. The artist loved nature with a hot and passionate love, gave it the greatest attention in his work.

When creating the canvas, he used only four colors - this is blue, green, yellow and purple.

Van Gogh painted olive gardens, which were located opposite his house, about which he spoke more than once. Admiring the natural beauty, giving her all his soul. He could spend all his paints, canvases and money in a few days, creating his landscapes. On the canvas with an olive grove, on the yellowed grass, you can judge that autumn has come. The zealousness has already dried up, but the green olives remind of warmth.

Van Gogh depicted a gloomy, heavy sky that hangs over an olive grove. By its shade, you can understand that the rain is approaching. The picture is painted with strong and rhythmic strokes.

It seems that the artist wrote it in a couple of hours. The adjacent grass and uneven crowns of olive trees tell us that the weather was windy. Nature prepares for the approaching winter and sleep. Autumn is a time of wilting and harvesting. The impression of unity of lines is created, the sky smoothly passes into the crowns of olives, the curved trunks of which grow into grass and earth. But the contrast of colors is pronounced.

The picture seems to be moving, the landscape is textured. For the image of olive leaves, Van Gogh used dark green brushstrokes; in turn, the artist preferred to depict the trunks by mixing blue and violet tones.

The canvas with olive grove belongs to the era of neo-impressionism.

The painting is in the museums of Vincent Van Gogh in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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