Description of the painting Efim Volkov “Early snow”

Description of the painting Efim Volkov “Early snow”

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Nature has not yet moved away from autumn inclement weather, has not even calmed down from the winds and rains, as another misfortune came - the first and even early snow. He will not stay here for long, it will probably still rain and there will be a lot of dirt on the road and on the bridge. But now he lay down on the ground and covered it with his fluffy and not so long blanket.

This will not make nature worse; at least it will know what it is preparing for in winter. After all, as a rule, it is the first snow that sets the tone for the whole winter. The artist portrayed this beauty and gave us pleasure in admiring Russian nature. Amazingly soft tones of the canvas conquer their vitality.

It seems that this is not a picture, but a real photograph. And only upon closer examination can you see brush strokes, pencil strokes. The distant forest is depicted somehow foggy, with barely visible dark touches. But the nearest bushes near the stream are painted in darker colors.

In Russia, winter is the most severe. True, this is not so often. Sometimes it can be cold in winter, but not snowy. But it happens quite the opposite - it is neither cold nor hot, but there is a lot of snow and it does not melt immediately, but slowly melts.

There is a certain amount of danger in this, because you do not know exactly what kind of snow trench is hidden in the hole or groove. But at such a time it’s better not to go to the ice at all, you will fail, you will get wet and catch a cold. This is if you are saved, and if not, then being a drowned man is not the best prospect. Snowy Russia is an amazing view and it’s not at all the same, but it’s different and amazingly beautiful in its own way.

To see everything, you just need to leave the city and walk along the trodden path in the forest and look around. We can say with confidence that there will be a lot of impressions from such a trip. It is precisely about this pristine beauty that this canvas tells us.

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