Description of the painting by Eduard Manet "Self-portrait with brushes"

Description of the painting by Eduard Manet

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This painting, apparently, was written even before Mane was injured on his bicycle, which led him to rheumatism, and then to amputation of his leg. This artist had a terrible fate: he was hated by critics, he was despised and the audience at the showrooms laughed at him, where he showed his works. And finally, the disease actually took time from work. In addition, the artist managed to live at a time when France was simply in a fever from an abundance of fateful events.

But the artist hardly intervened in politics. Although sometimes still had to participate in revolutionary events. And yet, despite the troubles, he managed to draw. And he worked a lot. Then there was impressionism, and then again there was a search for your style. It was for these searches and compromises that the critic sought him. Even the patient.

On the self-portrait, everything has just begun, yet only the first beginnings of a future disaster. And this is noticeable - thinness, a kind of alertness in the eyes, but still his main “instrument” - brushes - he holds tightly in his hands. It was then that he would have difficulty holding a brush in his hands and drawing, overcoming pain. This later, being completely sick, he will be handed

The Order of Honor will also be recognized as the greatest artist of France. And when he is gone, then the whole of artistic Paris will come to him for the funeral. Everyone will be there: those who hated him and those who sympathized with him, and everyone will mourn his talent. But this will be when he himself does not hear it.

Such a strange pattern: a talented person is alive - we face him in the dirt and throw insults as soon as he leaves - we recognize his talent and say how sorry that he left us so early. And this is not a purely Russian "tradition." This came from Europe, the Manet case is a good example.

This portrait is an unnecessary reminder to everyone: “What we have is not appreciated. And lose - tears pouring "

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