Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Horses at the seaside”

Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Horses at the seaside”

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The painting was painted in oil on canvas in 1905, and belongs to the late work of the artist.

Serov was a master in portraiture as well as landscapes. Many paintings depicting politicians.

Style in painting: realism.

The painting was painted on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, where he bought a house as a family. Serov liked this place when he was passing through the Gulf of Finland in the summer of 1899. Two years later, he bought a plot on which there was a house.

The Serov family often came here for the entire summer months. This place served as inspiration and comfort. Horses for artists have always been especially loved, because they personify power, grace, kindness.

For many millennia have been a reliable and faithful friend of man. The image of horses, as well as people is a very difficult job for the artist. In the picture of Serov, you can see the horses at the watering place, as if they were alive. The tail swing of one of them makes the landscape more realistic. The horses are depicted with refined lines, which was a strong feature of the artist. In the distance the Gulf of Finland ships sailing.

The picture is not different riot of colors, but filled with calm and contemplation. The bay is depicted in a combination of shades of blue, purple, white and gray, which accurately reflects the coldness of the water surface. Somewhere in the distance, through a light haze, mountains can be seen.

The sky is depicted by Serov in unusual colors. He did not use the usual blue and white shades. His colors are special. The picture creates the impression of a common unity of the water and air elements, only the horizon violates this integrity.

The painting is in storage at the Museum of St. Petersburg.

Serov left a significant cultural heritage for our country. Even in the later years of his work, when Serov had to visit the city a lot, fulfilling orders, he did not abandon his love for rural landscapes and nature.

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