Description of the painting by Isaac Brodsky “In the Country”

Description of the painting by Isaac Brodsky “In the Country”

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The academic dacha located in Tver was a haven for many talented painters. Her students constantly practiced painting landscapes, visited the free library, arranged permanent exhibitions.

Isaac Brodsky spent quite a lot of time on it. This talented painter studied in Odessa and Moscow. Very often, he turned to his first teacher K. Kostandi in welcome letters from the academic dacha. It was the territory of this estate that served as his inspiration. He writes his famous landscape - "in the country".

In the center of the composition is one of the buildings of the cottage. Its walls are kindly white, the porch is decorated in the old Russian style. One of the students peers into the window. An ornate path leads to the hull. In the middle of the courtyard is a bench with a table. A pillar from a spruce comes to the fore. Nearby is another spruce. The path is surrounded by green grass, bushes of flowers are planted on the grass.

The whole composition is made in bright colors. Here shades of white, sand and beige prevail. From the picture it seems to blow green herbs and fragrance of flowers. Her whole mood conveys a sense of spring, joy, a warm sun and fresh forest air. Not surprisingly, the artist was so inspired by the academic dacha.

The track mysteriously leads the viewer out of the picture. Its colors combine very well with the shade of the house, the whiteness of the clear sky and the highlights on the grass. The lush green of the flowers is in harmony with the pine branches. Separate bright pink and blue buds play bright cheerful flashes. I would like to plunge into the middle of the picture, walk along the path, look into the window of the white house, relax on the bench and inhale the sweet aroma of fresh flowers.

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