Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “Two Women in the Forest”

Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “Two Women in the Forest”

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“Two Women in the Forest” refers to Van Gogh's early work. And on them you can already see such familiar essays of the artist that accompanied all his work. Early works are distinguished by dark tones, searches for truth, the meaning of life and the beginning of all life.

His work “Two Women in the Forest” is also done in dark colors, conveying the darkness, danger and loneliness of the autumn forest. Women seem to be an integral part of it, dark, confused, lost in their lives. They are located in the very center of the composition, therefore they immediately catch their eye.

Their raincoats are made in the appropriate color scheme, but they are much darker than trees and everything else. It is the contrast of this technique that makes the viewer immediately look at them. One of the women stands a little closer, half-tanks to the contemplator. She is holding a bundle in her hands. The other, with her back turned, seems to be holding her hands near her face.

Around these dark figures is a dense forest. So thick that even a glimpse of the sky is not visible. Around only branches and trees. At the same time, the Van Gogh forest performed everything in the same brownish-green color scheme, but much lighter shades. The forest seems to be filled with sunlight and fresh air from the inside. The gold-plated track is the lightest spot on the entire canvas. It supposedly symbolizes the onset of autumn, crumbling foliage. And autumn is the time for longing and sorrow.

Peering into the picture, you can immediately notice the dense relief strokes. The paint is applied in a very thick layer, and this gives the impression of the bulk of some figures. The picture has practically no thin uniform strokes, thin outlines and lines. All of it is made of thick spots, merging into a single whole of a golden-green forest. And the yellow forest path is the only way home.

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