Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Yalta Coast"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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Oil painting on canvas in 1885.

Painting style landscape.

Ivan Aivazovsky is a great Russian painter. He left a great creative legacy. His paintings are exhibited all over the world and cost a lot of money. His strongest point is the seascapes.

Born on the seashore, from an early age, the artist was imbued with great love for the elements of the sea, ships, fishermen and campaigns. He traveled to many European countries, where he created dozens of paintings. At the first exhibition, they made a huge stir and made Aivazovsky famous throughout the world. After a century and a half, we can see the landscapes of different countries of that time. All of them are filled with the skill and love of the author.

Creating the painting "Yalta's Coast", the artist stood together in an open-air on the shore. He accurately captured the moment. In the distance you can see low mountains, as if shrouded in a haze of evening. Tired brigantines and small fishing boats embarked on the pier and prepare for bed, lowering the sails. Somewhere in the distance you can see houses on the shore. Perhaps the fishermen rested there after a hard day. We can also see how much more ships were than small boats. They have power and strength.

The picture pacifies and calms, forcing to constantly look at it. Light evening clouds blocked the low sky of Yalta, announcing the approaching night. The water surface does not have the slightest fluctuations. Calmly. Calm.

All the works of Aivazovsky cause incredible awe in the soul. They convey events so realistically that I want to drop everything and leave to see the landscapes where the great author once created. Aivazovsky could skillfully combine only a few colors, but at the same time create a masterpiece of painting.

The canvas is in storage at the Omsk Art Museum of Fine Arts. Vrubel.

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