Description of the painting by Zinaida Serebryakova “Whitening the canvas”

Description of the painting by Zinaida Serebryakova “Whitening the canvas”

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Serebryakova is a Russian artist, one of the first women to enter the history of painting. She was born in a very creative family, her father was a sculptor, grandfather was an architect, her mother was an artist, one brother was also an architect, the second made a great contribution to the development of Soviet painting and graphics.

In such an environment, the girl could not remain indifferent to art, and, after graduating from a female gymnasium, went to art school. After was a student of Braz, traveled to Italy and France. Of all genres, she preferred a portrait and a genre sketch. She wrote familiar people, loved to go out into the countryside and take a story from the life of peasants, dependent on the land and living near it until her death.

“Host whitening” is her last great work, however, performed at a high level, after many sketches and sketches that differ in strong compositional differences. On some, the girls laid out the canvas, on the others they carried, on the others they waited until the right time passed. The sketches were morning, evening, and noon. In the end, the artist settled on the option in which the girls were just starting to work. They are standing on the banks of the river, four girls in simple clothes.

They don’t pose for a portrait, but they do business - one spreads the canvas, the second serves, the third unwinds, the fourth is going to join in the common work.

The composition of the picture is built so that the girls stand, as it were, at the very edge of the sky, the viewer looks at them from the bottom up, which gives their figures scale and size. All of them are tall, even hardy in appearance, with nice faces, it seems that soon one of them will sing, and the others will pick up, and a stringy folk song will flow along the river, telling about love or grief.

The picture shows the strength of the girls, their freedom, which is not to do nothing, but to completely surrender to their work voluntarily and joyfully.

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