Illustration for the fairy tale "Marya Morevna" by Ivan Bilibin

Illustration for the fairy tale

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For four years, the talented artist Ivan Bilibin managed to write illustrations for seven fairy tales. And although all of them are not large in volume, but they are quite large-format. The most important difference of his work is the unique patterning of the picture, the decorative elements.

The author tried not only to create several separate images-episodes, he sought to combine into one idea, so that each of them would smoothly move into another, and all of them merged into a common ensemble. And so it happened: cover, images, amazing framing Russian ornament, font - all of them were created based on ancient Russian manuscripts. The artist depicted all the inscriptions in the illustrations in old Slavic script (including his signature), which you can’t read the first time.

You need to take a closer look at this intricate drawing and letters to find out familiar Russian words. The artist devoted special attention to his corporate decorative font. He was well versed in fonts of various time periods.

Another feature of Bilibin's works is considered to be a soft combination of antiquity with modernity. Images are always framed by fabulous ornamental frames, as if wooden windows were carved platbands. This is not just a decorative element of the page, each frame always has something in common with the captured plot.

The system of graphic techniques developed by I. Bilibin made it possible to combine frames with illustrations, to draw your own unique style from page to page. Among his characteristic graphic features, unusual patterns, decorative style of color combinations, a subtle visual embodiment of the fabulous Russian world, folk motifs and humor are distinguished. He enlivens a flat landscape page with a thin outline and color.

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