Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "The appearance of the face of Aphrodite of Cnidian against the backdrop of the landscape"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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Dali is one of the most famous surrealists, his paintings are known all over the world, and you can often see references to them in paintings, films or books.

Even those who do not like Dali's style admire his work and personality - a tireless fighter with the system, a stubborn man who sincerely reveres himself as a genius and praises himself, he loved life and brought this love to a world that he considered crazy. He called himself crazy, saying that society would swallow any craziness and ask for more, if served correctly.

He did not put public opinion penniless, every now and then he threw out something strange, designed to shock the audience even more, he was a tantrum and a brawler, but since all this combined with a huge personal charm, many loved him, no matter what. Dali's paintings are usually deeply symbolic, although sometimes, perhaps, symbolism is sought from scratch, which simply depicts the artist’s inner world.

"The appearance of the face of Aphrodite of Cnidus against the backdrop of the landscape" is one of his not too famous works. On it, against the background of the world, schematic images of trees and lakes, with castles on the shore, the face of Aphrodite pops up - the head of the lost sculpture of Praxiteles - in a stone triangle split into two halves. It intersects with two cracks, along with it on a triangle are two perfume bottles and an uneven ball. A seagull wing protrudes from one of the cracks. Of cracked cypress nearby - as well.

In this picture, detached beauty comes into a world that does not need it, and cracks from this unnecessary one, preparing to open up and let go of something more or less. The sameness of the lakes, their peculiar punching, hint that the world as a whole is very uniform and simple, tearing it into pieces of cracks and wings - that sooner or later it will fly apart and give way to another, new world, where he appeared the face will remain forever, bringing beauty and light, in which there will be no alienation.

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