Description of the painting by Jacques Louis David “Portrait of Napoleon in the study”

Description of the painting by Jacques Louis David “Portrait of Napoleon in the study”

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The picture was painted in 1812 in oil on canvas.

David is a brilliant artist of the 19th century. His portraits are known all over the world and are on a par with the greatest artists. The portrait of Napoleon was painted by David when the period of classicism reigned in painting.

It is believed that this image of Napoleon is the most truthful and accurate. The French commander appears to the viewer in his personal account. Its interior matches the nature of the owner. Napoleon paid special attention to what should be depicted in his portrait.

Everything is lined with luxurious, expensive furniture with expressive elements of decoration, there is a pen and an inkwell, as well as the volume of Plutarch. The sofa, armchair and empire table are very massive, corresponding to the personality for which they were created.

Antique watches that know how much Napoleon spends his life working in the walls of this office. The emperor is depicted as a hospitable host who gladly accepted the artist. He looks solemn, due to the white clothes.

On his chest are rewards. We can also see the folded papers with which the emperor worked before David came to him. The candle burns out, telling us that the night was long, and Napoleon worked in its light. Of course, the image of the commander in his office, you can see the genius of the artist.

This work of David was not the only one where he portrayed the emperor of France. But she was final. Here Napoleon is no longer a young, slightly plump man, tired of the old battles.

David completed his task like no other. Not one artist of that time could not cope with such hard and responsible work. Subsequent artists have already paid less attention to portraying portraits in a formal style.

The canvas is in storage at the Art Gallery. Washington.

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