Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich "Lumberjack"

Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich

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The well-known work of the talented artist Kazimir Malevich "The Lumberjack" was created by him during 1912-1913. As paints, the artist preferred oil. He called this painting "Imitation of the Icon", implying by this its similarity with Etudes of fresco painting.

However, the golden color preference was quite straightforward, rude and not particularly convincing in icon painting, so Malevich himself called this genre of paintings “labor”.

Malevich always had his own unique look at the writing of icons. He attributed the icons to the highest level of peasant art. At the same time, his opinion has its own share of truth, since icons are actually the only kind of images that an ordinary person has encountered, and more than one house has not remained without an icon. In his works from the peasant labor series, Malevich opened a new direction of his own style.

The image of the peasants at their usual daily business occupy the whole composition of the picture. Malevich simplifies all the details of the picture to a primitive children's level. All details have a very enlarged shape and deformation to give them a greater degree of expressiveness. The gamma of colors is combined with the style of the icon of scripture, and the plane of work is made in the appropriate form.

The very image of the village peasant, his everyday life, works are exalted and occupy the center of composition. His peasants are as if made of new metal material, assembled from separate parts and details.

However, Malevich very specifically depicts the gender of the character in his works: female or male. Rough facial features, strong and strong torsos are most often depicted in profile. Moreover, the peasant images reflect the gloomy features of church icons. Also, all the characters of Malevich had one thing in common - large eyes.

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