Description of the painting by Alexey Korzukhin “Return from the Fair”

Description of the painting by Alexey Korzukhin “Return from the Fair”

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Similar in spirit to the work of the Wanderers is a painting by A. Korzukhin “Return from the Fair,” painted in oil on canvas in 1868. However, the technique of performing this work compares favorably with the canvases of other brush masters dedicated to the scenes of people's life.

Alexey Korzukhin not only portrayed a domestic episode, but clearly worked out the composition of the picture, the main content of which was a true reflection of reality. The author with the help of colors conveys the bright side of human souls, imbued with sympathy for the people. The painter conveys the mood of ordinary people expressively and versatilely.

An unpretentious picture of the return of people from the fair was written by the author very lyrically, sincerely and naturally. It causes the viewer quite quivering feelings and delight. Examining it, you involuntarily feel like a participant in the action. Here, together with cheerful and satisfied characters, you return to the dusty road from the fair, watch them enjoy shopping, like children, dance to the amazing sounds of balalaika, enjoy the scent of clean air and admire the beauty of the bottomless blue of heaven.

Giving us this masterpiece of art, Korzukhin once again assured everyone that he was a good observer. On this amazing canvas, the famous artist very accurately and carefully draws the festive mood of a regular fair day, conveys joy and fun in the eyes of people with a brush on canvas.

This picture Korzukhin has a deep meaning, because the artist wants to show the viewer how, despite the difficulties of being, the cheerful Russian people manage to have fun. This is the true purpose of the artist - to portray amusement, enthusiasm, lyrical moods, sincerely imbued with love for his native people. So the master’s brush is deservedly awarded the title of academician for the painting “Return from the Fair”.

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