Description of the painting by Konstantin Somov “Harlequin and Lady”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Somov “Harlequin and Lady”

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The colorful canvas “Harlequin and Lady” presents K. Somov to us as a graphic artist. The master of the brush depicts the usual picture - the lady and her gentleman are walking in a park alley. Suddenly they are replaced by masquerade characters - masked doubles. These are the heroes of comedy Kolombin and Harlequin. They hug hugely, but it turns out that these characters are painted dolls made of cardboard.

Fireworks are visible in the background of the painting. They, along with the rays of evening sunset, illuminate the wonderful action in the park, snatching the heroes out of pitch darkness. The brush master skillfully theatricalized. In the work on the canvas, the artist used his favorite gouache, harmoniously combining it with watercolors, so the color scheme is either rich and juicy, or a bit transparent. Brush and gouache in the hands of a virtuoso add magic to the picture, and the author of the work as if by chance turns to contemplators.

A kind of imagination of the painter took us to the distant past of the eighteenth century, he dressed the heroes of that time in appropriate costumes, caustically conveying the mantle of court balls. Indeed, in such "strange" masquerades, it was difficult to understand whether the heroes' smile was natural or simulated.

The whole composition of the picture is solid scenery. Tree branches hang like backstage, to the left of Harlequin - another sham: a basket of flowers.

Somovskaya "lady" covered her face with a black mask. Harlequin took off his mask and smiles openly. The curtain is open, the viewer has the opportunity to see the sophisticated appearance of the characters, because the dark mask is harmoniously combined with pale pink skin of guise and elaborate outfits.

The whole theatrical surroundings on the canvas froze for a moment: the masks froze, and the mannequins stood still. The picture "Harlequin and the lady" is very effective. In it, the main place Somov assigns colors, sophistication of toilets and accessories, as well as fiction of the world.

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