Description of the painting by Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn "Portrait of Rembrandt's mother sitting at the table"

Description of the painting by Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn

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Rembrandt is a Dutch painter, representative of the Golden Age and one of the best masters. He was known during his lifetime, had many students, among whom there are famous and talented artists, preferred historical scenes and portraits.

He loved to draw people, he devoted almost all his work to this, not singing, but showing them the way they are, not despising for insignificance, not trying to subdue the world to him, but simply showing, presenting the viewer to think and judge himself.

His paintings depicting old people are especially famous - he did not embellish them, showing them in their entirety - with wrinkles, with twisted arthritis hands, with watery eyes, not frightened and not frightened by old age, but through a person telling about his life.

“Portrait of Rembrandt’s mother sitting at the table” is one of his portraits depicting his mother, an old woman. Her face is wrinkled, gray hair is tucked under a scarf, her hands are clasped on her knees. She sits in a high-backed chair at the table, leaning slightly back.

She is wearing a simple jacket, a soft shawl, a long skirt, she looks away, with a slight thoughtfulness. She is already at that age when you can’t rush anywhere, when you can just sit and think. There is practically no background for the picture, only an old woman, a chair and the edge of the table.

And nothing else is needed - the whole picture is focused on the mother, with love she shows every little line, every fold. She does not look tired, does not look ugly, she was painted with tenderness and love, implicit and warm, hiding behind the clarity of lines, even shadows and skill.

The woman is sitting, looking nowhere, there is no smile on her lips, she is as if waiting for someone who will come to her very soon. This is expectation in her posture, in her stillness.

But there is no sorrow behind him - because what should happen will happen.

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