Description of the painting by Paul Cezanne “Still Life with Oranges”

Description of the painting by Paul Cezanne “Still Life with Oranges”

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This famous work of Cezanne won the heart of more than one viewer. The symphonic depth of the still life, combined with the subtle masterful detailing of the most everyday objects (tablecloths for the table, kitchen utensils, fruits and carpet) is striking in its beauty.

Contemporaries observing the creation of this masterpiece said that Cezanne laid out the elements of composition with extraordinary zeal. He shifted everything many times, changed places, rearranged and moved fruits, tablecloths, dishes, until each of them was in its proper place.

A particular combination of color composition gives the image a special harmony. So the patterned carpet forms a beautiful background, not catchy and dark, perfectly contrasting with the main elements of the composition. Such a background makes them come to the fore, catch the eye of the viewer.

The jug, painted with floral patterns, combines the individual elements of a still life: a tablecloth and fruits. It resonates with juicy bright oranges and red apples and at the same time harmonizes with a white tablecloth. The tablecloth itself, as a result of the play of folds and contrast with the carpet, seems to come to life and represents a separate element of drapery.

All fruits are laid out so that there is a visible contrast between red apples, yellow apples and orange oranges. At the same time, in a still life there are no two identical shades of fruit located next to each other. Bright fruit flashes smoothly harmonize with the carpet patterns - sometimes yellowish, sometimes red, and somewhere a little orange. In this case, the carpet is in harmony with the wooden surface of a large table, as well as a piece of wall.

All these balanced arrangements and color combinations allowed the author to achieve such a perfect harmony of color and form.

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