Description of Salvador Dali's painting Telephone Omar

Description of Salvador Dali's painting Telephone Omar

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Dali - the mad genius of his age, an artist, sculptor, director, writer, gushing with ideas and vitality, adoring to shock the audience. Hysterical, selfish, and insanely charismatic, he enjoyed the love of many people who were ready to endure his antics and ridicule. He was never serious and was always extravagant. He loved to embarrass people, scare them, knock them out of certain frameworks established by society.

They still try to understand his paintings, and some people are of the opinion that in fact half of them are a joke, and not blood of the heart at all. Is this so, no one will be able to find out.

“Telephone Lobster” is a sculpture created by Dali in collaboration with the artist Eduard James, and this is a 100% joke - there’s no need to argue about this. It is a disk telephone, to which instead of a tube a lobster model made of gypsum is attached - the back of it is connected to the phone with a cord, just like a regular telephone receiver would connect.

In sculpture, nature and technology merged, as they merged in the modern world. One goes into another and looks extremely ridiculous at the same time - and this is exactly what the modern world looks like if you look at it in the future.

In addition, Dali did not like telephones, he called them a means of disseminating news, and thus expressed his protest against too fast and too uneven progress, which turns the whole world into a lobster on the handset, looking stupid and clearly out of place. He also said that one day lobsters will replace phones.

The joke was a success, partly because of how Dali served it.

For example, at the first exhibition, where “Telephone Lobster” was exhibited, the artist gave a lecture in a diving suit and tore deafening applause.

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