Monument of devotion in Togliatti

Monument of devotion in Togliatti

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The Monument of Devotion in Tolyatti is the best example of how anyone can create a story in which tragic accident and deep human feelings are wonderfully intertwined.

In 1995, an accident occurred on the highway passing through the Avtozavodsky district, which claimed two young lives. Due to unbelievable circumstances, only the German shepherd in the car managed to survive. Since then, the faithful dog has not left the scene of the tragedy. The dog escorted barking cars in the hope of meeting with the owners.

The road is busy, so people met a restless dog every day, which was in the same place. They tried to build a kennel for him, tried to tame it, but to no avail. The dog’s life seemed to stop at the scene of an accident.

A feeling of compassion still lives in human hearts, people fed the dog, admiring its incredible devotion. After seven years, the dog went into the forest and died. The track is empty.

Suddenly, the townspeople offered to erect a monument to their beloved dog, as devotion, which man is not always capable of. In 2002, a donation, including from city residents, brought a bronze statue - the Monument of Devotion.

On the pedestal sits a German shepherd nicknamed "Faithful" or "Kostik," as the people called her. The dog’s figure is ingenuous, executed realistically, accurately conveying the nuances of the structure of the animal’s body. She is a little more than one and a half meters in height and put on a pedestal. The head of the shepherd is slightly tilted, his ears are slightly raised up, as if constantly on the alert, listening to the owners come.

The muzzle of the dog is brilliant. The authors of the sculpture Oleg Klyuyev and Lyubov Turskaya managed to convey the internal state of the animal. The dog, as if alive, looks with hope, sadness and misunderstanding at cars passing by. Looking at the sculpture, the heart aches with longing and surging emotions.

One can only hope that the life of the shepherd has reminded people that loyalty and love still live in the world.

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