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Description of the sculpture

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“Kiss of Death” - a sculpture made on the tombstone of the untimely departed young son of the Soler family, evokes dual feelings. On the one hand, I want to run away from the ominous figure, on the other hand, to look at least with one eye. Authorship has not been established for certain, but this does not prevent attributing the sculptural composition installed in the cemetery in Barcelona to the magnificent sculptures of the last century.

The sculpture consists of two figures: a young man and his kisser ... angel, or demon? There is no definite answer. If an angel, where is its divine beauty? And if a demon, why did he so gently fall to the forehead of man?

The composition is harmonious and surprisingly subtly conveys the moment when life leaves the body. We can clearly see how the young man’s beautiful body was exhausted, his head is thrown back, his torso is limp, his hands hang limply along the body. Truly, the author’s plan is bold, one can feel the philosophical depth, a certain inconsistency in the modeling of images.

Perhaps the author conveys the line, a moment that separates the real world from the unknown. Death comes unexpectedly, it is able to quietly sneak up on a person. Initially, we feel only her breathing, some vibrations come from the flapping of huge wings, which are able to carry her in an instant to each of us. And now she’s nearby, bony, scary, inevitable.

Death picks up a young man who is eager to live, but for some reason, unable to do so, under limp hands and calmly kisses his forehead. It’s hard to say what kind of kiss it is. Perhaps an ominous cold kiss takes the last spark of life, forever immersing the soul in non-existence. Or maybe the other way around - this is a kiss, like a seal, acceptance into one’s own world, unknown to us.

The sculptural group is emotional, spiritual tension is felt from the inability to get answers to questions that are puzzled in the head. But definitely the sculpture is expressive, deep and delightful.

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