Description of the Soviet poster “Have you signed up as a volunteer?”

Description of the Soviet poster “Have you signed up as a volunteer?”

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One of the first and most famous examples of Soviet poster art in Soviet Russia was a poster under the eloquent title “Have you volunteered?” It was created in 1920 by one of the founders of poster painting in the Soviet lands, Dmitry Orlov, who created and created under the pseudonym Dmitry Moor.

The background of the poster sends us to the first years of the existence of the Soviet state. The year was 1920. In the country of devastation, in some territories there is an abnormal drought, which caused a terrible famine. The new Soviet government is still no one recognized among other countries around the world. Former allies in the First World War, represented by the Entente countries (and these were France and Great Britain), intervene in the territory of the former Russian Empire in order to overthrow the Bolsheviks who came to power and restore the state’s monarchical structure.

However, the young state had an enemy and more serious. They were the remnants of the troops of the Russian imperial army, led by such prominent figures of the White Guard movement as Denikin and Kolchak. Created to combat these forces, the Worker-Peasant Red Army experienced an acute shortage of personnel, both among ordinary soldiers and among the high command. In this regard, it was decided to carry out an agitation campaign, the purpose of which was to attract more employees to the ranks of the Red Army.

For more visual assistance in agitation, a poster was created "Have you signed up as a volunteer?" When writing it, Dmitry Moor was inspired by the famous overseas poster of World War I - the American "Uncle Sam needs you." Very often, assumptions circulate that the artist painted himself as an image for the Red Army soldier depicted on the poster. The poster was also used during the Great Patriotic War for the recruitment of volunteers in the fight against the German invaders.

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