Description of the painting Masaccio "Expulsion from Paradise"

Description of the painting Masaccio

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Masaccio painted a picture 1 year before his death (in total, the Italian lived 27 years). Contemporaries called him a genius of his era and believed that he was trained by the famous artist Mazolino, who lived and worked in Florence at the time of the artist's maturity.

The painting “Expulsion from Paradise” amazes with skillfully transmitted space and plane. Masaccio learned to portray elements of the landscape and buildings from the famous Florentine architect Brunelleschi, who took custody of a young and promising artist.

Brunelleschi's accumulated knowledge was useful to Masaccio for conveying volumetric elements of the figure (it is worth noting that this is the first artist who successfully placed a human body with the support of the whole foot on the ground in the right angle). After a brilliant artist, for a long time no one could depict people in the picture so accurately as Machaccio did.

As a basis for the plot, the young artist took the tradition of the apostle Peter. Later, he liked this image so much that he delved into biblical legends and came across a legend about the expulsion from Paradise. Masaccio worked a lot, and as a result he managed to paint an incredibly beautiful picture, which depicts Adam and Eve. On their faces, there is a strong regret for their misconduct, and they, with an obvious acting, are trying with all their might to show that they are very upset by their exile.

The picture caused an unprecedented delight in society. Even the head of the Catholic Church liked her, this suggests that Masaccio has stood the style of depicting the sinners Adam and Eve. A talented artist masterfully conveyed all the bends of a naked body, accurately emphasizing the mechanics of the world. Adam's closed face with both hands testifies to strong mental anguish, in this position he seems to be opposed to Eve, who is not embarrassed by her feelings and weeps.

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