Description of the painting by Titian Vecellio "Danae"

Description of the painting by Titian Vecellio

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This painting was created by the artist Tiziano Vecellio. "Danae" is one of the paintings that was once painted specifically for the king of Spain. The picture is painted with oil. Philippe II of Spain acted as the customer.

The images that are located in the picture symbolize the tragic changes in being. “Danae” has distinctive features from the previous period. Comparing this picture with “Venus Urbinskaya”, one can note the presence of drama, which permeated the entire work of art.

Judging by the work of the author, it is impossible not to note that he admires the existing craving for life. Of course, Titian is an innovator, because he managed to introduce a share of dramatic experiences into his creation and develop a certain passion. Titian copes well with color tasks and copes with tones, combines them well with shadows. With this, Titian managed to convey mobility and color, a clear contour and soft volume modeling.

In his painting, Titian exalts human beauty. By happiness, he means a fleeting exaltation of feelings. The author of the ulterior motive decided to compare Danai with a servant of advanced age. The latter is only engaged in collecting coins in his apron. Thus, the artist juxtaposed the beautiful and the terrible in his work.

Titian believes that the cynical and excessive greed will always confront the human beauty and sincere feeling of Danai. This confrontation is supported by the hardened hands of the old woman.

With the help of the painting, Titian conveys to people the idea that the good always stands one step higher than the bad. He does not deny the enormous power of evil, but puts forward happiness as a weapon in the struggle for good. The picture is filled with the deepest meaning. This has been repeatedly stated by people specializing in this field of knowledge.

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