Description of the monument "Motherland" in Kiev

Description of the monument

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The monument-sculpture Motherland in Kiev is truly majestic and large-scale. The sculpture can be seen from the most remote areas of the capital, because the statue, together with the pedestal, rises to 102 m. The monument was unveiled in 1981, and it is part of the complex of the national museum.

Motherland is the most beautiful image that has political, philosophical and aesthetic components. The image of mother Russia is inherent to a greater extent precisely in the Russian people and can be clearly traced, starting with ancient Russian myths, flowing smoothly into the poetry of the classics, and logically fixed in modern sculptures.

The statue is a stately figure of a woman with her arms raised up. She holds a sword in her right hand, and a shield in her left. It was these attributes that were chosen for the sculpture, because for a long time for the people they have been a symbol of holiness.

They attached special importance to the shield, its loss in battle was considered a shame. The shield in the hand of the Motherland is the personification of strength, courage, willingness to defend one’s people at any time. The shield is decorated with the emblem of the Soviet state, and despite the fact that today it is not entirely relevant, the symbols of unity, commonwealth and mutual assistance adorning it in real life continue to play a leading role.

A sixteen-meter sword is a symbol of fair punishment, a willingness to tame anyone who encroaches on someone else's. The sword consists of a wide blade and hilt, decorated, as in the old days, with significant signs in the 20th century - five-pointed stars.

The figure of a woman looks majestic and monumental. Calmly she peers into the distance, as if casting gaze on her possessions. Her clothes do not betray her belonging to any class, her loose toga flows in smooth folds.

The proud image of a woman is both calm and impregnable. The shield and sword are not only utilitarian in nature, but have a semantic orientation. This is a spiritual defense that protects a person from evil, guarding faith, love and repentance at all times.

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