Description of the Soviet poster "Peace, Labor, May"

Description of the Soviet poster

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Soviet poster art of a social nature is a very diverse and multifaceted phenomenon. In different years of its existence, the most important events in the history of the Soviet Union served as its background.

In the early years of the young power, the main role in most posters of that time was played by the class struggle. This topic was relevant for the revolutionary years, when it was precisely the struggle between the opposing classes that led to the emergence on the world map of a new state, formed on the ruins of the former Russian Empire.

Posters of that period picked up the class idea and conveyed it fully. One of the founders of the Soviet poster art of those times is Alexander Apsit, a Latvian by origin, a graphic artist known since pre-revolutionary times. His formation as a creator of works of art, he went in St. Petersburg. There, being close to revolutionary circles, he was imbued with the ideas of the class struggle. After the revolution, he turned his attention to posters. In his opinion, it is precisely this type of fine art that helps convey the ideas laid down by the author to the mass audience as accurately, clearly and intelligibly as possible.

One of the most famous works of Alexander Apsit is the poster "May 1", drawn by him in 1919. The author dedicated his appearance to the International Day of Workers and Workers. Given Apsit’s views on the struggle of classes, it’s easy to guess the reason why he decided to create work for this holiday.

The composition of the poster consists of workers, behind which is the globe. At the head of the labor movement is a man in a red shirt, clearly symbolizing the working class of the Soviet Union. He is actively telling something to other people, while actively pointing to the globe, which already shows the beginning of the revolutionary upsurge of the workers, which began with the Soviet lands.

This poster is a wonderful illustration of the ideas and views of that era. According to them, the world proletarian revolution is just around the corner, and it is the Soviet worker who will play the main role in it.

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