Description of the painting by Fedor Vasiliev “Volga lagoons”

Description of the painting by Fedor Vasiliev “Volga lagoons”

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The picture of the Russian artist Fedor Vasiliev “Volga lagoons” depicts a gloomy summer day. The artist loved to travel along the Volga and therefore wanted to show us all the impressions experienced in this picture.

The Volga became for Vasilyev a source of consumption of various impressions. The calm and grandeur of the coastal lagoon amazed the author and it was the expanse that fills the canvas. Despite the large dark clouds, the picture looks flawless, the entire color scheme of the colors is very clear and beautiful, the author uses mainly sand-yellow and gray-white colors.

Thick dark clouds hung over the coastal lagoon and the hill in the background, it seems that a thunderstorm is expected soon. The artist loved nature with all his heart and was very worried about its changes, he tried to show us these changes in all his glory.

Vasiliev sought to show us his deep inner world, beauty and love, storms and emotions on this wonderful canvas. The painter could see and distinguish the nature of trees, bushes, grass, he tries to show all the little things, even the hill in the background covered with grass looks impeccably beautiful, we see its bends and uneven edges clear and fresh. The author carefully watched nature, making such a masterpiece of art.

Also on the canvas we can see a slightly noticeable rainbow. Rainbow is one of the most amazing phenomena in nature. Even through thick clouds, she appears and looks fabulous, the picture shows that the rainbow appeared before the coming thunderstorm and rain. Vasiliev wanted to show us the pre-storm state of nature and all the greatness of the coastal lagoon, and we dare to notice that he succeeded.

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