Description of the Soviet poster "Motherland is calling!"

Description of the Soviet poster

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"Motherland" is one of the most famous propaganda posters in the history of the Soviet Union. The background to its creation is very simple, but no less amusing. The poster was born in the early days of the Nazi troops attacking the Third Reich on the Soviet Union.

The declaration of war was broadcast on all the state’s radio channels, so every resident of the country heard about this terrible news. The artist Irakli Toidze, the future creator of this masterpiece, was no exception. As he admitted over time, the idea of ​​what the poster would look like, visited the author quite by accident. Toidze learned about the German attack from the words of his wife.

On the morning of June 22, 1941, after the announcement of the Soviet Information Bureau, the artist’s excited wife ran into his workshop with only one word: “War!”. Struck by Toidze, seeing all the horror and calm determination on the face of his woman, he immediately asked her to stand still. It was the wife who served as the inspiration for the artist to create the poster. On it, he portrayed an ordinary woman in a simple red dress, which should symbolize the image of Mother Russia.

There is a certain continuity in the heroine of the poster, similar to which was already used during the First War, as well as during the Civil War between the Red Army and the remnants of the White Guard troops. In the hands of the Motherland holds the oath, the adoption of which was mandatory before sending to the front to fight the troops of the German occupiers.

Behind the woman, many bayonets are visible, which symbolizes the powerful force behind the entire country. The poster gained its strength: many draftees, impressed by this propaganda method, tried to sign up as volunteers as soon as possible to be sent to the front.

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