Description of the painting Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi "Volga"

Description of the painting Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi

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Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi's painting "Volga" is filled with silence and depth of feelings and represents the state of mind of the artist. The author’s love for nature is expressed in this masterpiece. The artist’s brushes accurately and clearly depicted the whole beauty of the river and the whole landscape around the river.

The author uses mainly two bright colors of paints, blue and sandy yellow. He so conveyed all the colors that he involuntarily finds himself inside this masterpiece. Kuindzhi seeks to put his whole soul into this picture in order to show the whole world his sigh for nature.

In the picture you can clearly and clearly see the inner world of the artist, in which there was happiness and joy. The contrast of the colors of blue and yellow reveals to us the whole depth of peace and quiet. The picture suggests that the author enjoyed life, he loved to live. A beautiful and clear sky expresses calm and endless distance, and a high hill above the river gives us the warmth of feelings enveloped Arkhip Ivanovich.

The picture makes you feel the majesty of the river, gives rise to a sense of peace, tranquility. The ability to use bright colors, and their combinations allows us to see the depth of the river. The Volga creates an amazing mood of inspiration, delight, faith in the unchanging beauty of nature. The artist’s eye observes everything beautiful and opens it to our eye. We all know that the artist first of all glorifies nature, he cannot imagine his life without it.

Looking at the picture, you see that the river is about to touch the sky. The Volga carries freshness and moisture, which is so necessary on a hot summer day, it carries a sense of cleanliness and satisfaction. In an amazing way, the work makes us see and hear the summer symphony of the Russian river.

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