Description of the painting by Yuri Neprintsev "Rest after the battle"

Description of the painting by Yuri Neprintsev

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Neprintsev's painting "Rest after the battle" was the result of the painstaking and long work of the author on the characters' characters. The artist has a great sense of respect for his heroes and seeks to convey it to the viewer. A simple pictorial solution does not overshadow the main idea of ​​the picture - the reflection of the difficult everyday life of the Great Patriotic War, its ordinary heroes, who in harsh and difficult conditions gained victory for their homeland.

Neprintsev wanted to portray the fighters of the Soviet Army not at the moment of some heroic accomplishments, but during the everyday moment between fights. In the characters of the picture, he wanted to embody all the best qualities of the Soviet man, while not slipping into falsehood and pomp.

The viewer sees a group of soldiers of the Soviet Army at a halt, gathered around one of his comrades, who amuses them with a good joke. The center of the picture is the artist’s impressive literary character Vasily Terkin. This is a resourceful and courageous soldier, never discouraged and supporting his comrades in battle and at rest.

Neprintsev worked for a long time on his image, working out his posture, gestures and eyes. He also thoroughly worked out the figures of the rest of the soldiers, down to the smallest detail, in order to achieve maximum realistic images. For this, Neprintsev used all his experience at the front, notes from his comrades, made many sketches from fighters of the Soviet Army, studied their gestures, manner of speaking, tried to get used to the image of each of the characters in the picture. He wanted to give each of the characters in the picture his inherent individuality.

The artist intentionally does not use the play of light and shadow, so as not to introduce unnecessary theatricality into his work. Its heroes are illuminated by the light of the soft spring sun. The landscape surrounding them is a forest in early spring.

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