Description of the painting by Pyotr Konchalovsky “Lilac in the basket”

Description of the painting by Pyotr Konchalovsky “Lilac in the basket”

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Pyotr Konchalovsky is a famous gifted Soviet painter. In addition to working in a creative workshop, he was very fond of nature. Therefore, the artist was also known as a wonderful gardener.

The flower dearest to his heart was a simple, close, not exotic at all, lilac quite common in temperate latitudes. It was her in 1933 that Konchalovsky depicted on the canvas "Lilac in the Basket."

Nothing distracts the eye when contemplating the picture from the lush flowering small buds. Soft contrast separates the background of the canvas from a wooden table on which is placed a basket woven with willow twigs. The background wall is greenish-yellow, heterogeneous. The table is quite dark, there is a noticeable shadow falling on the left under the bouquet. An open window to the right of the image gives a stream of morning light.

The bouquet itself seems to be composed by a skilled florist: it contains all the diversity of the palette of lilac bushes. Soft white flowers are adjacent to purple, light pink, dark lilac and rich burgundy. The bouquet is diluted with large leaves of the bush.

Konchalovsky did not stop in one direction of painting. One of the experiments in the style of impressionism was "Lilac in the basket." The still life conveys to the viewers a fleeting moment: here is just a ripped lilac, a few more moments - and the buds that had not time to bloom will bloom, and tomorrow they will begin to crumble and die.

The artist managed to convey his warm love for blooming nature, the first May lilacs tell us about the triumph of spring, about awakening, about morning and the sun. A lush, multi-colored bouquet attracts attention and does not let go, it gives up, even the aroma comes from this fresh bouquet. The picture is simple, but as emotionally rich as all the brilliant creations of the impressionists.

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