Description of the painting by Michelangelo Buanarroti “Madonna Doni”

Description of the painting by Michelangelo Buanarroti “Madonna Doni”

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Michelangelo's easel canvas, which is the only one preserved in its fully finished form to this day. This is the tondo in which the artist portrayed Mary, Joseph, Christ and John.

The painter creates the creation at a young age. The painting vividly illustrates the master’s statement that only painting, which resembles monumental sculpture as much as possible, can be perfect. The incredible twists of human bodies amaze and impress at the same time.

The figures are especially massive. Michelangelo uses a special technique to enhance this sensation to the limit. The skin of the characters in the picture is incredibly smooth. It looks like magnificent marble. Michelangelo used very rich colors.

Symbolism pervades the whole picture. It is complicated and it is far from always possible to understand it correctly. For example, it is difficult to interpret the figures of men whom the artist depicted in the background. They are naked. A horizontal strip separates them from the family. Art critics try to interpret these figures in different ways. Some are sure that these are pagans who are waiting for baptism. Others draw psychoanalytic parallels with the artist himself. The true meaning of this detail remains a mystery to us.

The group in the center is similar to a composition created from sculptures. It is very compact. The full impression is that it can be considered, bypassing from all sides. We feel that Michelangelo thought like a true architect. All characters are clearly fixed in space, and the details are stable.

But this creation is easel. The color is made up of flowers, amazing depth and freshness. The composition is tondo closed. We feel the liveliness of the characters in the characters of this creation. Michelangelo was able to prove himself in this creation as a true master.

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