Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin “Landscape with hedge”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin “Landscape with hedge”

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Konstantin Korovin - Russian artist, Wanderer and impressionist. He studied with not the most famous artists, and left the Academy of Arts after three months, being unsatisfied with the quality and methods of teaching there. He was not so talented as to call him genius - far better than the technical side of the issue, he managed to get ideas.

Inherent in him was the ability to subtly and deftly catch the mood, transfer it to paper. Contemporaries who knew both him and his brother - who was also an artist - usually noted that Konstantin lacked skill and talent, and his brother lacked ideas, although he painted much better.

"Landscape with a hedge" is somewhat clumsy even for Korovin. Having set a goal - to convey the mood of a summer day, to grasp, like a feather in the air, the feeling of a village life, he became interested in its achievement, without thinking about how technical the resulting picture would be. There is a village street on it, the viewer seems to be peering at her from the yard, because of a crooked fence.

Nearby, three people are talking, whose faces are not even marked by strokes, two more are standing in the far house, standing on the porch. Rye is growing on the field. The street flows into the road and leads away to a distant grove, where the village must be picking mushrooms and berries.

The picture is written so that it is impossible to make out details on it. Nowhere is there a lonely leaf, a lonely blade of grass, a distinct trifle that would be written out lovingly and difficultly. On the contrary, everything is written with wide, light strokes, and creates a feeling of some spiritual lightness, a purely Russian upsurge and “maybe”.

And despite this - the obvious flaws, negligence and almost sloppiness, the picture is full of life. The sky glows with blueness, I want to go along the road, and it’s so nice to remember the village days, warm, viscous, filled with routine simple things, when life seems quite simple and understandable from the inside.

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