Description of the painting by Nikolai Yaroshenko “Student”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Yaroshenko “Student”

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In addition to the “Student”, the famous work of the former major general, after choosing the craft of the artist, Nikolai Aleksandrovich Yaroshenko is the work “Student”. Nikolai Alexandrovich, despite his origin, did not shy away from communicating with people from the significantly lower strata of the population. His brush displayed on the canvas both rich and poor.

The picture “Student” served as some reference points in the image for the then-famous actor Sadovsky. In the production of "Talents and Fans", which took place in the theater in 1881, the actor tried to become like this unknown student whom Yaroshenko portrayed. This left its mark on the character of the play.

Against a dark background we see a young man with a neatly trimmed beard. A soft hat is on his head, similar to the one worn by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin once. The student is not from a wealthy family. This can be understood by the plaid on his shoulders. Only rich students of that time could afford a fur coat and whether a coat. Those who didn’t have the means cost a blanket that they wore instead of a jacket in the cold season.

The character is wearing a student uniform - a black short frock coat and trousers. This form was issued free of charge due to the reform of the 1861st year. The student has long black hair, which was characteristic of the intelligent youth of those times. The hair on his head is significantly different from the beard, because it is light brown in color. This indicates a very young age, when it did not even reach the first shave.

Despite belonging to the “poor” class, the student poses, demonstrating aristocratic habits. Slightly inclined, he looks at us, turning his head slightly to the side. His hand, like influential gentlemen, is stuck in the chest aperture of a frock coat.

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