Description of the painting by Alexander Ivanov "Bathsheba"

Description of the painting by Alexander Ivanov

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Bathsheba was a beautiful name, and this woman was just as captivatingly beautiful. It is mentioned in the pages of the Bible. The second Jewish king, David, once walked around the territory of his palace, going to the roof, his eyes were attracted by Bathsheba bathing in the neighboring garden. The man was fascinated by the undisguised beauty of an unknown woman.

Immediately he sent servants to inquire about this person who possessed his thoughts. The man reported her name and the fact of marriage. But David was not stopped by such news. Forgetting about God, under the power of passionate love, he sent the husband of Bathsheba to death. It was Uriah the Hittite - a loyal and brave warrior who served the king.

To hide the atrocity, David ordered his man to lead the military to the enemies in the most dangerous place and command the detachment so that Uriah was left alone with death. The secret murder happened, but soon the tsar will have to remember God, repent and suffer the deserved punishment.

The watercolor work of Alexander Ivanov conveys to the audience the image of Bathsheba, and in general - the moment of the origin of sinful thoughts in the soul of Tsar David. It was written by a Russian artist in 1843 with watercolors on paper in a book for personal notes. The airy colors of blue and red watercolors are diluted with dark green light touches of the brush.

In the foreground are basins and a jug of water, a naked girl bends down to wash a washcloth. Her body shape is dimly visible, long wavy black hair attracts the eye. A dumbfounded David sits behind a plant fence, and he stares in love with what is happening behind a deciduous tree.

A lot of personalities in the picture of Bathsheba. Ivanov during the years of her writing was captivated by an acquaintance with Maria Apraksina. But the woman he loved married another. And the artist turns to the Bible in search of a way out of the tragedy that happened in his life.

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