Description of the painting by Mikhail Avilov “Duel on the Kulikovo field”

Description of the painting by Mikhail Avilov “Duel on the Kulikovo field”

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The famous painting of Avilov. The artist depicted the legendary battle that took place between the warrior Peresvet and the warrior of the Tatar army Chelubey. This duel marked the beginning of the battle on the Kulikovo field. Sadly, both warriors died. But it is believed that Peresvet won. His horse brought the owner to the army. Chelubey was simply knocked out of the saddle.

The artist creates the simplest composition possible. In the center of the canvas are two horses that have reared. They are fighting on them. On the left we see Persvet. And on the right is Chelubei. Heroes are depicted as large as possible. Everything else becomes just the background, as the main figures suppress other details. The horses are really scary. Their manes curl in the wind, their teeth are bared, their faces are frightened by ferocity.

A horse blanket of Chelubei stands out. Avilov depicts her motley. The warrior’s shield is just as colorful. We see that Peresvet pierced it with his spears. The chain-mail of the hero’s helmet shines brightly in the sun. The artist was able to convey the dynamics of this battle. His canvas is as tangible as possible. It seems another moment, and we will hear the sound of the wind, the neighing of horses and the crackle of breaking spears.

The painter is a true master who skillfully uses paints. His canvas amazes with riot and richness of flowers. It was Avilov's shades that could convey the mood of the Russian and enemy troops.

The gray tone predominates on the left. He says that the soldiers froze in anxious expectation, but at the same time they are restrained and calm. On the right we see colorful colors. Tatar-Mongols are not confident. We feel that they are worried and unsure of how this grand duel will end.

Avilov’s painting was created during the Great Patriotic War. It is no coincidence that he takes precisely this historical plot. It was important to maintain the spirit of the Russian soldiers and draw vivid parallels with the Battle of Kulikovo.

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