Description of the painting Camille Pissarro "Boulevard Montmartre"

Description of the painting Camille Pissarro

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In the winter of 1897, Camille Pissarro arrives in Paris to seek inspiration and stories for the new series of paintings “Parisian Boulevards”. Having settled in the hotel room, he turned his eyes to the view outside the window - the noisy vibrant Montmartre boulevard seemed to the artist no less worthy of the image for the picture than the famous monuments, patterned cathedrals and magnificent sculptural compositions.

Day after day, he caught the mood that reigned in the life of the boulevard, noticed the slightest changes, rejoiced at these changes as evidence of the colorfulness, versatility of life. Like his colleague, the impressionist Monet, Pissarro cut out one story from the surrounding reality and captured it in the whole cycle of paintings.

With different weather conditions and at different hours, the master performed thirteen variants of one type of boulevard. From the window, he sees a street bathed in sunlight or heavy rain, draws white smoke clouds against a light blue background or a thick blue night sky canvas.

A distant alley makes up a concise compositional core of the canvas cycle. The artist conveys the urban atmosphere with grayish shades, the dynamic movement of horse-drawn carriages, and crowds of pedestrians who are keen on the speed of large Paris. A characteristic feature of this gifted landscape painter is his diligent desire to cover as much of the eye-catching space as possible, combining it with the miniature size of crews and people.

Pissarro teaches by his own example the viewer in the ordinary to see the unusual, flickering in all possible colors flow of life. Like a real magician, the painter turns the next dawns, days, evenings and nights into unique deep poetic canvases.

The city landscape is the pinnacle of mastery of the outstanding genius of brushes and palette - the “singer of Paris”.

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