Description of the painting by Vladimir Makovsky “Politics”

Description of the painting by Vladimir Makovsky “Politics”

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Makovsky was a true master of everyday paintings. He depicted each scene with humor, but at the same time all the artist's works are imbued with a deep meaning.

We see two men sitting and talking about something. More precisely, they do not even just talk, but argue. On one person a dandy outfit is enough, which is complemented by a cylinder. In the hands of his cane. His opponent is in a gray overcoat. He has a newspaper in his hands. The topic of the dispute becomes clear from the very beginning. Most likely, they read a political article, and now they are enthusiastically discussing it.

For Makovsky, all the details are important. It is no coincidence that with such skill he depicts a table with a white tablecloth, on which a newspaper lies and a cup stands. A white-red-haired dog snuggled under the table. The artist depicted it in order to revive the composition. This is a kind of listener of the heated debate that erupted between two gray-haired people.

The viewer may assume that these heroes of Makovsky’s painting do not care what to argue about. The process itself is important to them. Their poses and faces express incredible liveliness. Before us are representatives of two classes of the time. The whole point of their life is constantly proving their own right. Is there any need to do this? This is another question. They enjoy the hottest conversation. Most likely, the truth in this dispute will not be born. Everyone will remain in their own opinion.

Makovsky skillfully uses a palette of colors. The picture is dominated by brown and gray tones. A bright spot is a tablecloth and newspapers. The background here also matters. On the gray wall is still the same newspaper. On the right you can see the half-open door leading to the next room. Perhaps the heroes are waiting to be received by a high-ranking boss.

Makovsky portrayed a familiar everyday scene, but he was able to convey his own attitude to what was happening. He looks at the heroes with some irony and at the same time reflects on his modern life.

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