Description of the painting by Konstantin Yuon “Russian winter Ligachevo”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Yuon “Russian winter Ligachevo”

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Yuon masterfully painted landscapes. He was very fond of the village of Ligachevo. It was there that the artist had a house.

We see one of the clear days of winter. The painter depicts what is happening outside the village. This is the real kingdom of Winter. The forest seems to be sleeping, completely immersed in a fluffy winter dream. There is absolutely no wind. Pine trees, which the painter depicted in the foreground, are fascinated by frost. They seemed completely numb. A ray of timid sun only makes its way through a bizarre hoarfrost. Fir can be seen further. They wear fabulous white fur coats woven from snow and hoarfrost.

The snow sparkles so brightly that it hurts the eyes. It is enough to touch the branch a little, as incredibly fluffy magic snow is already pouring from it. The branch will swing slightly and fall asleep again.

Children like frost and great snowdrifts. They ran out to the village street to enjoy the game of funny snowballs, ride a traditional sled and arrange a comic battle in this soft snow.

Yuon portrayed noon. Children are already leaving school. The funny dog ​​wants the guys to take him into the game too. The picture is incredibly sincere. It seems that we, too, are participants in these fun games that winter gives to children.

The painter liked nature. He was fascinated by the winter and the sparkling snow. It was this time that he painted incredibly talented. The snow of the painter sparkles with crystal white.

In Ligovo, the painter preferred to draw genuine inspiration for his work. Just look at this canvas, so that you can enjoy unrestrained fun. Immediately you begin to recall childhood fun. In winter, everything changes completely. She covers nature with a cozy blanket. The air at this time is incredibly clean. Snow crunches fervently underfoot. It is no coincidence that Yuon was sure that this time was really fabulous.

The painter created a real hymn to the splendor of nature.

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