Description of the painting by Vladimir Orlov "Pure Ponds"

Description of the painting by Vladimir Orlov

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Chistye Prudy is a painting made in a slightly blurry, very attractive style - something like this can be observed by shortsighted people who are forced to do without glasses. Everything in the picture is slightly blurry.

The outlines of the trees, the outlines of the benches are floating, it is difficult to discern anything other than the figures of people - you cannot say anything definite about them, it remains only to speculate. Two trams crawl along the sides, a large important duck swims in the pond, a woman looks over the water surface above the stroller. Another woman is reading, a man is walking, as are two women not far from him. Ponds live their ordinary lives, they have seen much more.

Trams ride around them for quite some time. People come to them - to feed fat cute ducks, to sit on benches (the attractiveness of the idea to sit on a bench above the bench and relax under the canopy of foliage was simply excellent; it’s especially sad to look at a picture if there is a dreary wet autumn outside), take a walk with the children in silence and talk to each other alone. Perhaps the ponds saw declarations of love, and just lovers, strolling in the shade of linden trees, and slowly kissing under the lights.

There were certainly companies of cheeky young people drinking beer and singing uncomfortable songs, and certainly it could not have done without a battered zhigot who was laughing right after two girls. Ponds heard conversations of the topic, and even in the picture, it is as if a raid of time, heard and seen, happening under the linden trees, appears among the crowd. Perhaps it is precisely this kind of blurring of the eyes that makes the image blurry and attractive in this blur. Look, catch the general mood (high and at the same time thoughtful), imagine your own and think about your own.

You can even come under linden trees, compare them with a picture and figure out what is more attractive - a fairy tale passed through the eyes of an artist, or real life.

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