Description of the painting by Jacob Isaac Reisdahl "Landscape with a Waterfall"

Description of the painting by Jacob Isaac Reisdahl

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The artist has never seen waterfalls in reality. But at the same time he could depict them as authentically and very simply as possible. The viewer would not even think that Reisdal actually did not see these turbulent currents flowing from the mountains.

We see water falling from stone to stone. It seems that another moment, and we can hear a powerful roar and feel the magic spray. The skill of the artist is really impressive. The water in his picture is like living.

In the picture, Reisdalhotel wanted to convey the full power of the erupting water stream. The composition here is developed in width. Rough water, fancy stones and virgin trees become one. The nature of the image is predetermined by the movement of water. Motion determines the whole character of the image. A stream with noise falls from the rocks and flows foamed somewhere in the distance. On his way, he picks up trees that have fallen. He carries them, breaking and crushing them into small pieces.

On this grandiose creation, the painter focuses in the foreground all the power of unbridled movement. Water is limited by huge stones. The flow from this indignantly boils. His shores of stone constrain. On the right we see that the birch broke and fell into the water. The bark attracts our eyes with its incredible whiteness.

This motif is important throughout the composition of this canvas. It is needed in order to maximize and deliberately emphasize the depicted movement. In the depths, the landscape is incredibly calm. It creates a bright contrast that gives nature a special sound.

The banks limit the unbridled flow and prevent it from breaking free. The contrasts of light and shadow are especially softened. Long-range plans are depicted more calmly. The mood of the idyll prevails in the whole picture. The figure of the shepherd strengthens him.

The canvas is really grand. Given that Reisdal painted waterfalls only by relying on paintings by another artist, who was his best other, the realism in transmitting this element is doubly impressive.

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