Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Storm"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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Aivazovsky is an artist who appreciated and loved the sea more than anything else, his singer, in whose paintings it always acts as the main character. Even if people suddenly happen to them - after all, people sometimes swim in the sea - the main thing is still it, the all-consuming element, always remaining greater than any person.

"Storm" is a hymn to this particular side of the sea. His all-consuming power, sweeping, destroying and at the same time indifferent. A man kills a man because he hates him. The sea kills a man because he does not notice him, just turning slightly on his sandy bed.

A ship on the horizon looms in obscure shadow. It looks more like a ghost from a tree. The sails are broken, the mast must have collapsed - the waves carry him directly onto the rocks, without pity, about to break it with hellish crack and rattle.

A boat dangles in the foreground. The faces of the sailors are not visible, but they are probably desperate - they row from the rocks, with all their might, but they can’t fight the sea. Soon they will also be thrown on the stone, where he will die - whether from a blow, from fractures.

At the same time, the sea remains beautiful. Amazing. Enchanting. Like a wild predatory beast, it fascinates, its waves are similar in color to the sky, beat in the cage of shores, roar, devouring itself. Light spot pulled out by light from a sudden gap in the clouds seems to be a saving island of silence. It subconsciously seems that if the sailors manage to swim into it, the storm suddenly stops and they can safely swim to the shore and land on it.

However, this is just an illusion, a visual illusion. No matter how attractive the sea is, it will not spare anyone who accidentally came to it in the minutes of its anger.

This mixture, admiration and horror, Aivazovsky conveyed very accurately. Looking at the Storm is like remembering death. It gets colder in the stomach.

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