Description of the painting by Ilya Repin “Mantis pilgrims”

Description of the painting by Ilya Repin “Mantis pilgrims”

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This painting was a sketch for the large canvas "Religious procession in the Kursk province", Repin wanted to cover the whole of Russia, and he succeeded.

Here we see two ordinary women. They make a pilgrimage. It can be assumed that there are praying mantis for a long time and are very tired. They are dressed very simply.

Repin depicts an endless Russian road. We do not see where it begins. Striking the breadth of the landscape. Repin portrayed women against the backdrop of the valley. Behind them lies a green and yellow carpet. Here and there you can see rare trees. The sky, as if scorched. Its color is not blue, but greenish. It seems that the earth merges with it, forming a single space.

Repin pays maximum attention to two heroines. He details the features of their coarse faces. Before us are women who have gone through a lot. They are not afraid of adversity. They survived and were able to bear everything. And now they are quietly walking along the road, as necessary. We do not see discontent on their faces. They are fully focused. Mantis seems to be lost in thought. What are they talking about? We can only guess. It is possible that about their fate or about their homeland.

Repin is a true master. The picture is dominated by gray, brown and green tones. But, despite this, it is quite bright. The artist skillfully combines colors. Everything depicted by him is as realistic as possible.

The painter deliberately does not prescribe the background in detail and does not specify it. The action of this canvas could take place anywhere in Central Russia. We feel the monotony of the landscape that the praying mantis see every day. At the same time, Repin admires nature.

His relation to the one depicted is ambivalent. On the one hand, he emphasizes the poverty of these women and their bleak existence. On the other hand, he seeks to convey the beauty of the vast expanses and pride in his country.

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