Description of the painting Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin "Noon"

Description of the painting Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin

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We see a grand canvas. The artist was able to portray contemporary peasant Russia. It arises, as if from some wonderful haze. It is simply impossible to capture the whole earth, it is so huge.

The artist looks at fields, hills, rivers and copses from a great height, it seems that he soars with the birds. From there, Petrov-Vodkin contemplates Russia. Landscape details are measuredly alternating. One picture replaces another. The people live and work on this vast land.

There is no cross-cutting plot on this canvas. It combines phenomena and actions that are completely unconnected externally. The viewer sees the features of peasant life. Before us are all its phases, from birth to death. If you take an individual person, then all events occur sequentially. But, if you look at the life of a huge nation, then all events take place simultaneously.

The artist does not depict just one village, but the land as a whole, inhabited by the people. That is why he is moving away from external reality. The painter looks at the earth from above. But people are not portrayed from above, but from the side. By action, people are completely unconnected. But they are all united by color and grandiose scale. A bright shade of shirts and sundresses harmonizes with the delicate colors of the earth. This color is characteristic of the people who inhabit this vast land.

Paints of the picture are slightly muffled. They impress with their cleanliness and special dullness. It is likely that this creation could be a mural of a monumental nature.

The artist unfolds in this masterpiece the immense theme of Russia. He demonstrates motherhood, love, human life, death. It's always noon in Russia. Before us is not the reality that the artist sees from above or from the side. This is some kind of fairy tale into which the world is turning.

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