Description of the painting by Alexander Deinek “Future Pilots”

Description of the painting by Alexander Deinek “Future Pilots”

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The painting was created in 1938.

Deineka was seriously interested in aviation. It is no coincidence that several of his works are devoted to this particular topic.

In the 30s, the painter often traveled to the Crimea. After a trip to Sevastopol, his painting “Future Pilots” appeared.

The composition is really masterful. The seaplane, which is gradually decreasing, unites the horizon, the sea and three boys. One of the teenagers is talking, and the rest are listening carefully. Most likely, the boy comments on the maneuvers committed by the seaplane. We can guess the extraordinary attention in each figure. All their attention is completely absorbed in the phenomena that they observe. The flight captured them completely.

The sea is incredibly calm. The water is quite dark, in some places with a black tint. White scallops run along the surface of the waves. On the right we see a rock. On the horizon is a white ship. His shape is only guessed, so far away.

The artist uses a lot of shades for the sky. The clouds are arranged so as to highlight the splendor of the sky. The figures are also not monotonous. Each of them has something special. We understand what interests them and what they want.

For Deineka there are no insignificant details. Everything in his picture is equally important. One seemingly trifle complements the other and an integrated picture is created. We can even feel a breath of fresh wind, which ruffles the hair of the guys sitting on the shore.

The main content of this picture is a happy future that awaited all the people of that time. Each person truly believed in this.

We do not see the faces of the characters in the picture. They are depicted with their backs to us. This is done specifically in order to create a collective image of the youth of modern Deineka pores. Seaplane takes dreams to the distant future, which must be bright.

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