Description of the Raphael Santi fresco "Dispute"

Description of the Raphael Santi fresco

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The artist Raphael has been known for his work since his youth. As a novice artist, he was invited to one prestigious workshop located in Rome. In the Renaissance, Raphael was one of those who made a special contribution to its development. The painting "Dispute" adorned one of the great monasteries.

The action in the picture takes place between two kingdoms: earthly and heavenly. From above, a holy trinity descends to people: God, his son and holy spirit. It is seen how Jesus Christ rises on the throne with his baptist and mother sitting on either side of him.

Further on the sides are all the gospel prophets. This is Peter, and John, the Evangelist and others. The celestials are in a serene state, staring at the people swarming from below. It seems as if their movements are visible. Confident and unhurried.

Below the artist represents the kingdom of people who are in anticipation of the descent of the deity from heaven. In the middle stands an altar on which various gifts lie.

Representatives of the earthly kingdom depict priests of the Roman Catholic Church. In addition to them, other famous representatives of Christianity are located near the altar. They look forward to the holy trinity coming down to earth and appreciating the gifts of the earth. But so far, there has been a dispute between the representatives of the earthly kingdom over gifts. This served as the name for the picture.

The whole composition is located on the semicircular part of the dome. She ideally served for the full deployment of Raphael's creation. This especially contributed to the vault of heaven depicted in the picture. It turned out realistic. It seems as if instead of a dome above, there are really real clouds, and from them a holy trinity descends into the monastery.

A feature of this composition is the church under construction, depicted by Raphael aside. The artist, thus, demonstrated the future Cathedral of Peter, which during the work on the image was at the initial stage of construction.

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